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Getting back into beyblade






So it's been a long time since I updated this and as long as I'm here, I'd like to shamelessly plug my RP journal right here:  singularstation 

Enjoy my RPC's shenanigans.

On that note, I also need to make more icons, which I promise to get on. Maybe I'll just clean out my 4chan folder and get on that. A lot's  been going on right now, and frankly I'm just getting pretty damn confused over some of it. But I shall survive~ I'm left without two friends for a week which kinda sucks ass seeing as I have absolutely nothing else to do, and I have a bajillion million reasons to want to talk to them. Like, topics up the ass.


I'm also re-reading the Harry Potter series, and I'm at Half-Blood Prince right now which is good timing on my part, because I wanna be totally fresh on it for the movie. So I can bitch about how they screwed it up :D

Till we meet again


*Classy British Accent* And now for something completely different...

ladyfiction had this to say about me in her journal, which I read quite frequently, because she always seems to have something interesting there....This is in response to me sending her Encyclopedia Dramatica's insanely epic Babe Laid article:

</a></b></a> razetorais made of sheer win. "

QFT. I am now worthy to walk  Kira's God's polluted earth.
Oh, and speaking of amazingly amazing things:
But it's not the same without Roy. I'm without one of my favorite characters, and Marth is missing an uke ;~~;
IKE SUCKS. But Sheik is just..Blowing my mind. She's gotten SO much more sleek.  Sonic's theme is Sonic Heroes, which makes me HAPPY.

I posted my Sprite Comic thread on Court Records, and I'm building my WiFi friends roster. Anyone wanna exchange codes?

Apollo Justice Countdown Day 3

Apollo Justice Countdown Day 3
Case: 1-3- Turnabout Samurai

      Contrary to Turnabout Sisters, I LOVE THIS CASE. I love the plot, I love Cody Hackins, and I FREAKING LOVE WILL POWERS. He looks like Wolverine from the X-Men comics, but he's just a ginormus teddy bear. And he's so FUN to talk to. I LOVE the guy.
   ..Jack Hammer looks like someone out of Mortal Kombat, IMO.


   Not to crazy about Wendy Oldbag, though. Her testimonies are DULL. And I generally dislike her speech pattern...y'know, the one where she talks a lot. And I mean...A LOT. Sal Manella ain't the best character in my rack either. But Dee Vasquez is utterly amazing. She's such an evil mastermind. I didn't really suspect her to be the criminal when I first played it. I also pity her a lot. I feel it really wasn't her fault that she did what she did. She was scared, panicking, and felt a great anger towards this man. One little push and a huge mistake was made.

But the key word is "mistake".
Humun Error, people.

   All in all, I love Dee ,especially when she's paired with Morgan, thanks to CR, and I love Turnabout Samurai...



My favorite case in Ace Attorney!!! *squeal*
'Night, folks!~
Countdown to Apollo Justice: Day 2
Case 1-2-Turnabout Sisters

This case is major. It introduces several major characters, some more than others, they are (in order of appearance): Maya, Detective Gumshoe, Grossberg, and, of course, Miles Edgeworth. They all bear something important to later events in the series. Not to forget the first mentions of DL-6 and Misty Fey, which will be extremely important in case 1-4 (but that'll be on Super Tuesday). This case, in it's short life, is very important in introducing characters vital to the series.
By the way, I hate April May and her manipulative breasts.
  Redd White is no prize either. Actually, pretty much anyone who steps up to that witness stand in this case (save Gumshoe) is annoying. Yes, I find the Bellboy annoying. His only purpose is to prove there was another man with April May, and that could have been done in other ways. For instance, much in a way that the Police Chief tells you about the Blue Badger, or where a certain character is. The sprite was kinda..I dunno..unnecessary? I think so, anyway. I dislike May, White, and the Bellboy. So Turnabout Sisters isn't exactly my favorite case.

It seems a lot longer than usual. Probably because I played it over the span of the day.

Apollo Justice Countdown 1-1

Countdown to Apollo Justice: Day 1
Case: 1-1-The First Turnabout

   Well, I played through the first case in about ten minutes without any errors. In retrospect, after playing all three games, I realized how amazingly short it is compared to the other cases. The only amazingly long case in AA, in my opinion, would have to be Rise from the Ashes. For something that's three days long in the game, it took me a month to do the first time I played through it.
     Oh, and I realized something...Phoenix states he's known Larry for 23 years, which is Larry's age at the time of the case, correct? Now, last time I checked, Pheonix met Larry the same time he met Edgeworth (when he was on that class trial and they both defended him). So how could he have known Larry since birth? And the two situations were in the same game, so I find that a bit weird.
It's probably just a mistake on the translator's part, but it's still bothersome...
   I'm wondering how similar Apollo's first case will be to Phoenix's, in terms of behavior, suspect, speed of the case, and even the prosecution (well, they ARE both Payne, but...). I'm not playing the demos, I want to be surprised.
Day One: Finished.

Feb. 1st, 2008

This Sunday will ooze adorable.

Florida trip's in two weeks. I'll pack next weekend. I can't WAIT to fly, but at the same time I'm scared.Ah, well.
Dad's bringing me to Staples tomorrow. I'll bind my children's book and buy some supplies- sketchbook for the trip and stuff

Here's to hoping I get to that amazing zoo someday ;_;

Jan. 25th, 2008

Hi, I made a nice, shiny new account for personal reasons. So, what else can I say but, welcome back?
Things on my agenda lately:
-Go see RENT at least twice before it closes
-Pack for trip to Florida that's two weeks away
- Continue working on YA novel
- Notify my friends and communities of the change.

Bye for now.